EDITORIAL: Carnival set to lift spirits again

The Vernon Winter Carnival is coming along just at the right time once again

The Vernon Winter Carnival is coming along just at the right time once again.

After a rather grey, and long, January, the 56th annual extravaganza comes along to lift our spirits, possibly quite literally with the 24th annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and Hot Air Balloon Glow set to take flight today, weather permitting.

And then there’s Suds N’ Cider, the B.C. Championship Snow Sculpture Competition, the ageless Vernon Winter Carnival parade, Irish Pub night, the Kids Karnival,  jopo House Luncheon, the 45th annual Coca-Cola Classic Pee Wee Hockey Tournament and the list goes on and on and on.

This year’s theme is a Mardi Gras Carnival, so you’re pretty much assured of a good time for 10 fun-filled days.

Certainly the weather will play a factor in some of the events, so keep your fingers crossed, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that this year’s event, like the 55 preceding  it, will boast more than its share of smiles, laughs and just plain good community spirit.

So make sure you get out and enjoy it and ensure this North Okanagan tradition lives to brighten up winter for decades to come.

Of course the Carnival doesn’t just happen so it’s only right to thank the board of directors, volunteers, sponsors and participants on a job well done.

The community thanks you and all that’s left to ensure its success is for everyone to go out and enjoy themselves.

Check out the Carnival book to see what’s going on, look up vernonwintercarnival.com for a detailed list of activities or phone 250-545-2236 for more information, or maybe even to lend a hand if you feel so inclined.

Have a great Carnival everyone.