EDITORIAL: Film studio a welcome addition

The film industry is about to get a major boost as critical infrastructure opens

Movie and TV productions have come to the Okanagan over the years, but the impact on the region hasn’t been significant until recently, largely because of individuals like Rick Dugdale with Enderby Entertainment.

However, the industry is about to get a major boost with the opening of Okanagan Studios in the former Far West building in Vernon.

Not only will the facility include sound stages, there is office space, a construction shop and parking for the massive trailers required for productions.

“This is what the region has needed and will enable our continued growth,” said Jon Summerland, with the Okanagan Film Commission.

And with critical infrastructure like this in place, the hope is that production companies from Hollywood and the Lower Mainland will make their way to the Okanagan, and particularly the north end of the valley, to film.

On top of this, having a permanent sound studio may lead to film professionals — carpenters, designers, makeup artists, etc. — to move to the Okanagan. And if that occurs, production companies will be more likely to work here because of the talent they can access without going to the expense of bringing crews into the valley.

Thanks goes to general manager Tim Bieber and the rest of the crew at Okanagan Studios for taking a risk and showing confidence in the long-term future of our community.

Now, let the cameras roll.