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EDITORIAL: Immigrants choosing Canada

Projections suggest that by 2041, around one-third of all people living in Canada will be immigrants
A crowd of people watch a Summerland hockey game. According to Statistics Canada figures, more than one in for people living in Canada are immigrants. (Black Press file photo)

The latest figures from Canada’s 2021 census show a demographic change happening in this country.

According to the statistics, released in late October, nearly one in four people in Canada are immigrants. This is the highest proportion of immigrants among the G7 countries.

The census statistics show the number of immigrants in 2021 was 8.36 million or 23 per cent of the country’s population. This is the highest level since Canada has been a country. Last year, 401,000 permanent residents immigrated to Canada, and this year, another 431,645 people are expected to move to this country.

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In past years, the majority of immigrants to Canada came from European countries, but today the majority of those coming to this country are immigrating from Asia.

Projections from Statistics Canada suggest that by 2041, around one-third of all people living in Canada will be immigrants.

These figures and projections tie in with data released earlier from the 2021 census.

Information released in August showed around one in four people in Canada have a mother tongue other than English or French. Canada’s two official languages are still the most common languages in use in this country and 90 per cent of Canadians can speak at least one of these languages.

Immigration is nothing new in Canada. This country has a long tradition of opening its doors to people from other parts of the world. Throughout Canada’s history, people from around the world have been able to make a home for themselves and their families here.

This is a quality that should not be taken lightly. Not all parts of the world have such a strong reputation for accepting newcomers.

The latest figures from the 2021 census show people from around the world are choosing to come to Canada.

It is up to those of us who already live in this country to give them the same warm welcome as our families have received in the past.

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