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EDITORIAL: Take precautions for winter road safety

It is time to get ready for snow and ice on the roads
Tires displaying the 3-peaked mountain/snowflake symbol and M+S (mud and snow) tires both meet the legal requirement as long as they have least 3.5 mm of tread. Winter tires outperform M+S tires in cold and snowy conditions. Black Press file

As temperatures drop below freezing and frost warnings become part of the weather forecasts, it is time to take precautions for winter driving conditions.

Snow has already been observed on mountain passes in the region, and elsewhere black ice and slippery road conditions can affect road safety. Good winter tires are essential at this time of year, as are good road safety skills.

Each year, crashes and collision increase significantly in the fall and winter. Some of these result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Put simply, winter driving is challenging and can have some risks.

The conditions during the winter come in addition to other factors affecting motorists in British Columbia. These include highway construction near Golden, landslides and rock slides near Summerland and slowdowns as a result of traffic congestion or collisions elsewhere. Such conditions are not limited to the winter months, but they can affect driving at this time of the year. offers information about weather warnings and road conditions around the province.

Information about safely managing winter road conditions can be found online at, under the Shift into Winter tab.

Slowing down and driving for the road conditions will help reduce the risk of a serious collision in the winter. And when winter conditions are dangerous, it may be best to wait and stay off the roads until conditions improve.

Throughout the coming winter season, it is important to be alert and cautious on the roads and highways.

Driving conditions can be challenging during the winter months. Preparations now can help to reduce the risks on our highways.

– Black Press