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EDITORIAL: Voters determined election outcome

Not all voters saw their preferred candidates elected to council, school board or regional district
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The ballots have been counted and the local government elections are now over.

Not everyone is happy with the outcome of the elections, but the results show what the voters wanted. Whatever anyone thinks of the outcome, the people have spoken.

Under our system of democratic government, elections allow voters the opportunity to choose the candidates they wish to represent them. In this year’s elections, candidates on the ballots represented a diversity of opinions, providing plenty of choices.

However, not all voters saw their preferred candidates elected to the council table, the school board or the regional district. Some were disappointed with the results.

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This is the nature of the democratic process. The people choose their representatives, but not everyone will see their choices elected.

In some cases, it is possible for a candidate to be elected even if most voters cast their ballots for someone else. At the local government level, this can occur in a mayoral race where several candidates are all vying for the position. This has happened in numerous British Columbia communities in past elections.

It is also possible for a councillor or school trustee candidate to win or lose by just a handful of votes. This happens when a variety of strong contenders are listed on the ballot.

The election process we have in Canada, at all levels of government, is transparent and open. Each year, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index and other international democracy watch organizations rate Canada among the best countries in the world in terms of election integrity. Our process works.

The system we have is the envy of many people living in authoritarian countries and illiberal democracies around the world.

Our electoral process works because it is run with integrity and because voters participate in the process. The result, as seen in the latest local government elections on Oct. 15, is governments chosen by those who voted.

Not every individual is happy with the outcome, but the results reflect the mood in our communities.

Those who voted in the elections have chosen our local governments.

– Black Press

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