Enderby traffic

Resident is calling for improvements to traffic flow in the area

MLA Greg Kyllo, I would be surprised if you were not aware of the traffic mess that is Enderby.

It’s bumper to bumper, back to back through town, creating some poor reviews especially from tourists. Unfortunately, locals are most affected when traffic patterns and volumes are neglected. As you are aware, there is a high concentration of residents through George Street. Many are seniors with challenges that increase the numbers of scooters, walkers and slow pedestrian traffic in this area.

Millions have been spent on Cliff Avenue and Vernon Street with great results.

I recently made a visit to our mayor, Greg McCune, to express my concerns. He advised that four-laning from Armstrong to Enderby and beyond is years away. I can understand that even if I don’t like it.

My suggestion to our mayor is to post some temporary signage at Fortune Road — “Downtown Enderby and Mabel Lake via Vernon Street, turn right.”

This, in my view, is a small temporary measure that shows local politicians are aware of residents’ concerns and at least shows an effort is being made to address this problem which, I believe, is at a crisis stage.

It would please me and many Enderby residents to have you, our mayor or the transportation minister publicly address this situation. In my view, this is the least local politicians can do in the interim.

While we are grateful for an additional 36 beds at Enderby Memorial Terrace, the elephant in the room is traffic through Enderby.

There is currently far too much industrial traffic, tourist traffic  and, I suspect, even many dangerous goods barrelling through Enderby.

Not publicly addressing this situation and the pollution it brings before expanding seniors housing in this area would be disrespectful of current Enderby citizens. Thank you for listening.

We all look forward to your response.

Chris Bergman