Flood frustration

A question we all should be asking our elected members of Parliament in Ottawa is, “When did the borders of Canada change to Ontario and Quebec?”

I thought they went from the Pacific to the Atlantic and up to the Arctic Ocean.

I heard in the news that Quebec, B.C. and the Maritimes were all in the middle of a massive flooding situation.

Then why I am wondering, did only Quebec get first 500 and then more than a 1,000 troops to assist one city with their flooding problem?

Then our elected prime minster only takes a helicopter ride over the Quebec region, and completely neglect the rest of us Canadians.

The people in the Maritimes and here in B.C. have banned together and are helping each other fill sandbags and build dams to help prevent the flooding and destruction of homes.

They are all doing this without any assistance from our elected government in Ottawa. The local governments are assisting in any way they can.

A state of emergency has been declared in many parts of our province and also in the Maritimes.

So why are we not seeing any help from the elected government in Ottawa? Do we not have a minister responsible for states of emergencies in all of Canada and if so, then why are we not getting assistance from the military?

In the Okanagan, we even have an empty defence forces training barracks that could easily house any members of the military that we to be deployed to assist.

It is time to get upset and stat writing to our elected members of Parliament and get some action and reasons why we are seem to always be forgotten.

It would not hurt to remind them that they are our representatives only because we elected them and that can be corrected.

Garry Haas