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Gyms in need of Vernon’s support

LETTER: ‘Collectively, all of us can help make sure these businesses rebound’

Gyms, fitness centres and studios are reopening, but under limited capacity.

I know that is great news for many people, myself included, but it is not a fix-all situation for these businesses.

Now, perhaps, more than ever, these businesses need community support. Look at it as not only an investment in local business and economy but also an investment in our community.

If you have paused or canceled your membership, time to reactivate it.

If you are not a person who typically goes to a gym, fitness centre or studio, perhaps, rethink that decision and give it a try.

If that still isn’t your thing, think about reaching out to a local gym, fitness centre or studio, see if you can purchase a pass or buy clothing, nutrition or supplements for yourself or someone you care about.

Or, maybe, you can donate money to a local gym, fitness centre or studio to help them rebound.

We need small businesses, we need gyms, fitness centres and studios. They are a huge part of our community.

Remember, the people who operate and work for small businesses are our sisters and brothers. They are our family, friends and nieghbours.

They are the people who sponsor our sports teams, donate to our charities and auctions, and help to create our overall sense of community.

Without them, without these businesses, our communities do not look the same. If we let them go, there will be a void that will not easily be filled.

However, collectively, all of us can help make sure these businesses rebound.

Included in this letter, you’ll find a list and contact information for many local (Greater Vernon) gyms, fitness centres and studios that have and continue to do great things in this community.

Please check them out and, if you can, support them in some way.

If I missed any, please add that business in the comments. I am sorry, I did not add any of the sports, mixed martial arts or other disciplines to this list.

I also understand that there are a number of local small businesses this post doesn’t mention who are struggling and are in need of support.

I know that my family will continue to support as many of those as we can during this time and we encourage you to do the same.

This letter is about creating support, not debating with each other.

To our community, I implore you to act in kindness and support local where you can.

Josh Windquist

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In alphabetical order starting with Yoga Studios

The Hot Room @ Studio be

#104-3301 30th Ave Vernon, BC V1T 2C9

(778) 475-4833

Inner Light Yoga and Wellness

2807 44th Ave, Vernon,

Phone: Elara: 250 306 5325, Roger: 250 307 7485


Welcome (

One Yoga

2902 30th Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 2B9


Vernon Yoga

Gyms and Fitness Studios:

30 Minute Hit Vernon

#3, 1800 Kalamalka Lake Road, Vernon, BC


CrossFit Vernon

1935 11th Ave #3, Vernon, BC


Fitness West

2203 BC-6, Vernon, BC


Forge Valley Fitness

2704 45th Ave, Vernon, BC


Hatt Fitness

4-2440 14 Ave, Vernon BC


Iron Heart

3204 29th Street, Vernon, BC


Kal Fitness

15 - 100 Kalamalka Lake Rd


Ladies World Health & Fitness

4406 27th St. Vernon, BC

(250) 503-2363,

Okanagan Health and Fitness


Soul Studio

2709b 43rd Ave, Vernon, BC


Snap Fitness

Vernon – Snap Fitness Canada

103-5301 25th Ave., Vernon


Straight Up Fitness

3105 34th Avenue, Vernon BC


Training House Vernon

3445 43rd Ave, Vernon, BC


World Health and Fitness

4801 27 St., Vernon, BC

(250) 545-5561,


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