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Local raises concerns about plans for an amphitheatre

Well I have a place a good three kilometres from the town park, down by the packing houses in Winfield and when there is a concert in the park, it is nice to sit out on the deck and listen to the music, as the volume is a little loud, but I don’t mind as in the house it is a little too low for me.

Plus my place is in the bush with lots of trees in between. The point is that the ravine by the college is in the middle of a residential district and no place for that kind of noise.

Now if you don’t believe me I invite you to come to my place and enjoy the concert next time there is one in the park at Winfield.

There has to be a place out of town that is much more suitable for this theatre, where there can be ample parking and where the sound can be deadened, maybe at the stock car race track?

I’m all for the concerts, and the theatre, just not in the chosen place, on top of which it will be very expensive to build, maintain, and the liability insurance will be out of this world, plus parking would be a real problem when you get that many people in one area, and they will come, no matter where the theatre is built, at least four or five thousand with a little advertising.

Frank Adams

Lake Country