Resident impressed with the level of care at Vernon Jubilee Hospital

I was recently a patient, for a week, on the medical ward of our hospital. I was extremely ill with some kind of infection and I cannot praise the nurses  and other staff highly enough for the kindness, friendliness and care they took of me during my stay.

Nothing was too much trouble and they kept me fully informed as to what they were doing each time they had  to apply treatment to me. They were absolutely wonderful and have my greatest respect and gratitude.

You hear complaints about dreadful hospital food on occasion. I have only this to say to the complainers, you are in a hospital, not a Cordon Bleu restaurant. The food put before me was excellent home cooking.

Everything was nice and hot, and well prepared. The vegetables were so fresh it looked as if they had just been picked  before being used. Dinner is a fixed meal and there was a good variety  throughout my stay. Lunch was either a light salad or a sandwich. The sandwiches were very on fresh bread and well filled. For breakfast, we were given a menu offering hot oatmeal or several varieties of other cereal, a boiled egg and toast, yogurt, tea, coffee or fruit juice.

The nurses and doctors were absolutely marvelous. We have a very good hospital here in Vernon and it serves us very well.

Noel Tyler