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Illegal burning at Vernon beach sparks warning

LETTER: Those walking bare-foot at Kin this summer cautioned of nails

As I drove by Kin Beach in November close to where the river is – I think they renamed it Canoe Bay – I observed a group of people burning a pile of pallets on the beach. I can’t imagine why someone would think that was a good idea. There are signs posted there to let people with no common sense know that you can’t have a fire on the beach. But this was worse than burning a few sticks, these people burned garbage that was full of nails.

I guess that they don’t know that kids and adults play on the beach in bare feet, or they just don’t care! I called the number on the sign and RDNO sent someone down to clean up the mess. They didn’t do a very good job so I went over and I was able to pick up more than 400 nails that were on top of the sand. Who knows how many are under the sand. If you like to walk on the sand barefoot, let the city councilors, mayor and RDNO know they need to do something about this, like bigger signs, allow bylaw to attend, impose a fine. I hope this behaviour can be stopped before they ruin the whole beach.

Doug Ferguson

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