Illness a ‘blessing’

Resident calls on others to get along and be happy with life

I was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, ADHD and Tourette syndrome. You might know me as the guy with the guitar on his back.

I might have mental illness  and sometimes it can be called a curse, but you know what? I call it a blessing.

I’m high functioning. I can walk and play the guitar, and even with these problems, I was given a very empathetic heart.  It’s allowed me to see the good in all things. It’s allowed me to see joy and laughter and peace.  It’s allowed me to love unconditionally.

Even when things get really tough, I never  quit or give up because I know people matter more than they realize. If people looked at others with compassion and not aggression, and with  joy and empathy, this world would be a better place. If we look at our daily lives and we are sweating the small stuff, then we have a problem. Take the time to realize the joys we have. It’s tough I know, but life is beautiful and can be very joyful. I make it my mission to see people laugh, and see joy  and smile.

So please, if you see someone that you don’t know, try to see how you can help them smile or laugh. If I can, so can you.

Life can be rocky, so let’s make rock soup. You know that story so let’s do that.

Love, your friendly neighbourhood guitarist.

Carson Holtz