Let’s take time to discuss the issue

Gerry Laarakker's letter regarding the local MP’s survey is puzzling. Clearly he doesn’t understand “how parliamentary democracy works."

Gerry Laarakker’s letter regarding the local MP’s survey is puzzling.  Clearly he doesn’t understand “how parliamentary democracy works.”

In June 2016 a special committee of the House of Commons was formed to recommend changes regarding “how Canadians vote.”

From July through October 2016, MP’s from all parties were instructed to consult their constituents so they could report those findings to the special committee by October 14, 2016.


It’s hard to fault a democratic consultation process.

If you don’t have an opinion or are a willing sheep that follows blindly, you can choose not to participate, but one should never try to take away another’s right to be part of the discussion and the process.

MP Mel Arnold has not abdicated his responsibility as an elected representative; he has taken his responsibility to heart and sought constituent input by mailing a survey to each household.

Like others, I have many questions I want the government to answer before this is law.

First, why rush the process?

There are four years left in the current government’s mandate, so why the panic to introduce new voting regulations within the next seven months?

Will the Canadian public still fund a party in the House of Commons whose sole purpose is to separate from Canada (Bloc Quebecois)?

Will this new voting system give the Bloc more Quebec seats based on proportional representation?

Will we now have more Bloc-like parties country wide under proportional representation?

How will our country function under the proposed new legislation?

Will we flounder like Italy under proportional representation and have expensive elections every year?

Will anything ever get accomplished?

Is this the Liberal party setting itself up to dictate in perpetuity under this ”new” method of first choice, second choice?

Let’s take the time for a thorough public discussion and hold an informed referendum on this important question of fundamental democracy.

Don’t be too willing to give up what Canadian veterans fought and died in wars to give to people in other countries.

Betty Hinton,