Letter: Basic shelter a real need

Letter: Basic shelter a real need

The letter to the editor on Aug. 3 indicated that the writer wanted consideration for those who work hard all their life and want a small space to live out their lives in peace and that they did not support the low-income housing development next to the Gracelands.

I feel I should ask the author: where is your compassion for people who aren’t able to work hard because they don’t have somewhere to go?

Many homeless or living in poverty are stuck in the Okanagan for family reasons and are unable to leave the area nor climb above the poverty line due to circumstances outside their control.

Low-income housing provides security to many who are suffering from a systemic problem in society, not granting comfort to those who have been lucky enough to have the opportunity for employment throughout their life.

The needs of the many (shelter) outweigh the wants of a few (comfort). Perhaps the writer should take comfort in the fact they can relocate instead of chastising councillors for making choices in the best interests of the majority of their constituents.

I support and will continue to support projects which increase the value of the real capital of a community — the people.

Scott Juniper