Letter: Be public about Conservative push

Letter: Be public about Conservative push

Mr. Roosevelt, please come out and say that you are the spokesperson for the conservative parties.

I have been seeing something in the letters to the editor that disturbs me and that is Dean Roosevelt, a mouthpiece for the conservatives in the area.

This gentleman posted three letters in the last month: one praising Mel Arnold, one praising himself, and one praising councillors Brian Quiring and Scott Anderson.

Mel Arnold, we know, is the elected MP for this area and a conservative, then Scott Anderson is the Temporary Leader of the BC Conservatives, and Scott Anderson city councillor for the City of Vernon and running for council again.

Mr. Roosevelt, please come out and say that you are the spokesperson for all the conservative parties in the area so we all know who you are speaking for when you write your letter.

My other dilemma is this that Mr. Anderson should make up his mind is he running for council and if so then forget about his other title. If he wants to be the leader of the B.C. Conservatives then drop out of the race for council. You can only do one of these well without the other interfering with the other. Or is he attempting to get control of the council by having a majority of them as conservative and thereby building a basis for permanent (no longer temporary) leader of the provincial Conservative Party?

So do us all a favour and make the decision now and make it public, if you do not want to then I hope all the electorates will realize that you are not worth having around.

Let us keep provincial or federal politics out of municipal elections and get on with the job of making this the best city in British Columbia to work and live.

Political parties belong in Federal and Provincial arenas, our elected representatives should be independent and if not have the strength to tell us what party you are running for.

Garry Haas