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LETTER: Canada’s state of the nation is concerning

The current state of our country is a disgrace when compared to what it once was
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Dear Editor:

I read John Arendt’s column, Numbers tell a positive story about Canada, (Summerland Review, June 29).

I thought it was interesting – and it’s true. We are, as a nation, No. 13 in the Gross Happiness Index.

But I’m not sure sure that the numbers are quite as positive as you articulate, especially when one in three Canadians are struggling to get by, financially.

One in four are unable to cover an unexpected cost of just $500 for something.

Our own Stats Can indicates that Canadians are barely getting by.

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“In 2022, Canada saw the largest increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) since 1982 (+10.9 per cent), with an increase of 6.8 per cent since 2021. Prices rose for all eight major components of the CPI, with the largest increases in transportation (+10.6 per cent), food (+8.9 per cent) and shelter (+6.9 per cent).”

This doesn’t tell a positive story about Canada to me. Does it, to you?

With rising interest srates, homeowners who purchased their homes, way back when rates were at two and three per cent, thought they would experience the joy and pride of homeownership and live well. But then rates rose and are now more than double in just a year or two and now those homes are unaffordable to these well-meaning but naive people, who are hard-working, income statement rich but balance sheet poor people. There is a massive increase of homes for sale in Kelowna in just the past two weeks with the looming rise in interest rates yet again. So, I remain concerned that the story isn’t so positive about Canada as you have indicated.

Now, let’s chat about the soaring cost of the national debt. This alone should be enough to cause concern and trepidation. Canada is not doing well and what our current federal government is doing is not sustainable.

The irresponsible spending of citizen tax dollars is horrifying. Our children’s children will never be able to repay the debt incurred during the past eight years for our country.

Is this positive?

I won’t bother to go into the rising population of Canada, due to immigration and the current influx of residents to our great country.

The reality is that many of these immigrants are unable to support themselves and will need to rely on tax dollars of hard-working Canadian citizens to support them. Is this positive? I think this is deeply concerning.

Then there’s the fragile nature of health care in B.C. and the country, the soaring cost of goods, gasoline, food and shelter/homes and more.

While it’s true that Canada is among the greatest nations in the world for many things, the current state of our country is a disgrace when compared to what it once was.

While I love the positive nature of your story and am usually one to lean towards a more positive outlook in life, the current state of our nation is very, very concerning and the time is now to start taking action if we want to enjoy a future we recognize from our past.

Crystal Flaman


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