Letter draws criticism

I was an undecided voter who has lived in B.C. all of my life. I have always trusted my local papers to deliver to myself and the public an unbiased take of the news and current events.

Unfortunately, as I was reading my April 23 edition of The Morning Star, I was truly taken by surprise that you printed an extremely false and misleading letter from Jim Shepard, who is the director of the so called Concerned Citizens 4 B.C.

This person or group is what I believe to be a cloaked faction of the Liberal Party, which, if you noticed has taken out more political ads for the Liberal Party than the Liberals have taken out themselves.

I am truly amazed that you and your paper allowed this free ad, which is obviously another dirty campaign ad to be printed in what I thought was your honest, unbiased paper.

Shame on you Glenn Mitchell.

Garth Rundle