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LETTER: Humans are causing climate change

Last seven years have been hottest on record
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Dear Editor:

It’s getting quite obvious now that some people just don’t give a hoot.

They are simply oblivious to the changes that are occurring in our climate or are making the disastrous assumption that someone is going to come along and save us all.

Or perhaps there is another planet on the other side of the sun that we haven’t found yet that’s habitable and then we can all get on the same rocket as Bill and Jeff, or Jared and Richard and screw that one up as well. So just keep on doing what you’re doing.

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Buy that big gas-guzzling 4x4. Build a McMansion for just the two of you. Take an air flight to Australia, or England, or Gay Paris just because you can afford it.

But it’s not you or Jeff or Richard that’s causing climate change is it?

To put this into perspective, we are more sure that humans are causing climate change than we are that smoking causes cancer. The last seven years have been the hottest seven years on record.

At this point, with climate change not even at its fullest force, more than one million species are at risk of extinction. Estimates show that dozens of species go extinct every day.

Our great grandchildren — who are currently on track to inherit a world four degrees warmer than ours and feel its effects at every stage of their life — will have to clean up the mess our generation made in their fight for survival.

Are there just a few of us grandpas that are worried?

Frank Martens


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