LETTER: it’s global warming, not Okanagan Valley warming

LETTER: it’s global warming, not Okanagan Valley warming

Take your ‘blinders’ off and have faith in climate scientists

Dear Editor,

Re: “Radical left hijacks climate change issue,” (Vernon Morning Star, 1 November): strip away John Trainor’s juvenile and bilious shoot-the-messenger attacks on David Suzuki, Greta Thunberg and, by implication, Al Gore, and what’s left?

The usual right-wing nonsensical paranoia: concerns about global warming are part of a Deep State conspiracy aimed at nothing less than the destruction of truth, justice and the American way… and the Vernon Morning Star is part of that conspiracy.

His proof, apparently, is right there on his home thermometer: the Okanagan was warmer a few summers ago, and we have just experienced the coolest and wettest summer in years. His local blinders ignore the irrefutable fact that the planet is warming. That’s why it is called “global” warming, not “Okanagan Valley” warming. Go ahead and ignore the opinions of virtually every climate scientist who doesn’t have both hands thrust into the very deep pockets of the oil industry.

Mr. Trainor would have us ignore issues like human-caused global warming and overpopulation, because such concerns “fall on deaf ears” in India, the Middle East and Africa. That’s an odd justification for inaction. Such concerns, he says, are based on faith, rather than reality. I’ll bet he believes in “ethical oil.” Well, I have faith in the climate scientists who warn that governments better wake up fast, before it’s too late. If that’s an “assault on western civilization and the free market economy,” so be it.

— D. Rollins, Vernon

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