Civic Arena demolition. (Brieanna Charlebois/ Morning Star)

Civic Arena demolition. (Brieanna Charlebois/ Morning Star)

Letter: Lack of care doomed Civic Arena

If you do not maintain it, it will deteriorate.

In the recent article regarding the demolition of the Civic Arena, Keith Chase made reference to maintaining a car in relation to the demise of the arena.

He is right, if you do not maintain it, it will deteriorate.

I recall seeing picture’s of the washroom, how this was an example of the arena deteriorating and thinking at that time, this is just a lack of maintenance.

The Civic Arena had extensive renovations in 1978 as part of the Greater Vernon Parks and Recreation referendum, Marty Stein and other members of the Vernon Tigers will recall having to practise at the newly constructed lacrosse box in Coldstream. The renovations included bringing the facility up to code for emergency lighting, alarm and exits, new surface, Plexiglass boards, players benches, washrooms, dressing rooms and concession, as well upgrades to the refrigeration system and facility lighting.

Over the past years one could see that routine maintenance was lacking, as Mr. Chase pointed out, because of this the arena deteriorated.

As to the analysis that justified the demolition, if you do not want it to work, it will not work. Kelowna Memorial Arena built 1945, Kamloops Memorial Arena built 1948, Penticton Memorial Arena built 1951, and Nelson Civic Arena built 1935.

I hope current and future city officials will learn from this experience and ensure that our existing facilities receive ongoing routine and preventive maintenance.

Jim Alveberg