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LETTER: Summerland crosswalk gesture brought reconciliation

Former student had been harrassed in high school
Summerland’s rainbow crosswalks attracted controversy when they were first installed. (John Arendt - Summerland Review)

Dear Editor:

I taught in Summerland for 36 years and had more than 5,000 students. I estimate there were more than 200 LGBTQ+ kids.

When the crosswalk controversy started I received an email from an ex student who was harassed in school and vowed to never return to Summerland where the student grew up and was so hurt by these prejudices. They found some reconciliation and apology in this gesture.

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They returned to a grad reunion and were warmly received. Some closure I hope!

Bravo Summerland council.

Bravo for the mural on the Summerland Middle School and mural near the high school tennis courts.

Perhaps we could be know as the city of inclusion and have more crosswalks embracing inclusion.

Linda Beaven


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