Letter: Why do we have Regional District duplication?

Letter: Why do we have Regional District duplication?

Why do we still have a regional district?

To all the prospective mayoral candidates for the city of Vernon, I have an issue I would like a response to: Why do we still have a regional district?

I find it very difficult to understand the logic of so many people who assume positions they cannot or are unable to serve. If you are not qualified, why are you in a position of authority?

We have a large city with a small town attitude. Most of the time that is wonderful, and why most of us chose to live here. So why do we have a mayor in the city, and mayor’s/directors of regional districts all around the city boundaries who disagree with each other on a regular basis?

One area that really confuses me is why are the area from 48th Ave to Swan Lake junction and Old Kamloops Road to L/A road NOT part of the city of Vernon? This block relies on the city for just about everything that is available but does not pay taxes to the city. The “Swan Lake Auto Mile” as it is known is an integral part of Vernon and yet is not in the city. There is a constant battle to update services in duplicate. Why not build an infrastructure that can support the whole area once and do it properly?

I think it is way past time that we had an area-wide vote to incorporate the surrounding areas that use and rely on city facilities to pay city taxes. Maybe the city will then have the money they need to support everyone that uses Vernon on a regular basis.

For those who are negatively critical about my view; thank you, I live in the regional district and I don’t have to pay for all the facilities I use in the city.

Paul Elmont