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Look after our nurses, so they can look after us

LETTER: Writer urges increase in nurse wages to help solve medical problems

I would like to say how very pleased I am with our nurses.

We have heard that we have shortages of nurses all across our country of Canada.

Our nurses need to be looked at once more.

The shifts are long and hard and deal with all forms of society’s needs.

I have seen the nurses in action and I believe that they complete all-day marathons.

If we are to solve our medical problems and if we want to be attended with the high quality of attention we receive we need to up our nurses wages.

Nurses are the gold pot at the end of the rainbow and we all want to partake of that pot of gold.

Yes that’s exactly what we need to do to make sure our nurses are given a good share of the finances due to the outpouring of their care and dedication we all receive each time we enter the door way of our hospitals.

Raise the wages in portion to the hard hard work these nurses do each day.

Solve this problem practically with wages that our in line with doctors wages.

If we look after our nurses properly, nurses will be willing to look after us as we would like.

Laurie Juli

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