Media coverage

Resident upset with some of the news reports about refugees

As a Canadian taxpayer and retired military person, I am disgusted to have to listen to the media about these poor refugees that have to live in a hotel for a whole month. As sailors, we had to live on a mess deck with 20 to 30 other guys, three tiers high, side by side, with a box separating us for a period of two to three months.  (Now it’s up to a year’s deployment, but that is what we signed up for).

The refugees signed up to be resettled in Canada. Things will get better in years to come as they did for previous immigrants and refugees.

The media gave the navy a mere mention when a ship left to a hostile area for a whole year.  Maybe we should be thinking of them and their families instead of the refugees’ hardship of living in a hotel for a month with taxpayer-provided food, TV, health care and other “needs.”

L. P. Mitchell