MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: A multiple-choice world

It’s time to clean out the cobwebs in the back of the brain and head for the beach with a clear mind

As the rainy season gives way to the summer heat, if the weather forecast is accurate that should be starting right about now, it gives pause to consider the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (life).

Well, at least it does for me. And I need a column idea where I can string a number of unrelated multiple choice questions together and call it a column (or space filler, depending on how you feel about the stuff I come up with of course).

So, in honour of the beginning of summer in the Okanagan, it’s time to clean out the cobwebs in the back of the brain and head for the beach with a clear mind, ahem.

If the apparently unexpected passing of Brexit spells the beginning of the end of the EU and potentially a huge blow to the world economy, according to those in the know, it just shows:

a) never leave it up to the electorate cause what do they know?

b) ruling by referendum is tricky business.

c) it’s democracy at its finest as it actually let’s the people decide their fate and who really knows how this will all play out in the end as we’re all winging it, including the so-called experts, so it could just as easily turn out for the best.

d) the result will eventually be somewhere between “the sky is falling” and “we’ll figure it out eventually like we always do.”

e) all of the above.

f) none of the above.

g) who the heck knows?

The PGA telling U.S. Open leader Dustin Johnson he may or may not get a penalty stroke at the end of the round on Sunday, after earlier ruling he wouldn’t, and telling him on the 10th hole, and to try and not to worry about it, is the sports equivalent of:

a) the NHL ruling a goal in the first period is a good goal and then later upon further review telling the two coaches, and the rest of the world, that on second thought they want to look at it for a few more hours and will get back to them after regulation time, or OT, for a final determination.

b) or some NFL replacement refs waving off a last-second game-winning touchdown and then reversing….wait, that did happen.

c) or allowing a Stanley Cup-winning goal in overtime even though the player was in the crease according to the ridiculous rules on the matter at the time, wait that happened too.

d) there are no sports equivalents for such a possibly well-meaning but ultimately oh-so-wrong decision that, luckily, didn’t become a factor and much, much more of a scandal.

e) there might be just a tad too many rules in golf that are open to interpretation, get over yourself already.

A potential Hockey Night in Canada shakeup after just two years:

a) don’t be going changing anything.

b) style never beats substance.

c) Don Cherry rocks, and socks.

d) Ron MacLean ain’t so bad after all.

e) people are finally tiring of dump-it-in-and-chase-after-it hockey where it’s all about defence because after all a 0-0 tie means you get a least one point.

f) George is better late at night with more freedom and a wider variety of guests than just the regular HNIC crew.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA champions because:

a) of LeBron James.

b) the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history.

c) the greatest collapse in NBA history.

d) it was finally Cleveland’s year.

e) there’s now hope for the Chicago Cubs.