MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: The maple leaf forever?

Here’s a true or false extravaganza all about the red and white and maple syrup.

In honour of the Canada Day long weekend and following last week’s multiple choice offering, here’s a true or false extravaganza all about the red and white and maple syrup.

The Toronto Maple Leafs may be grammatically incorrect but, really, that’s the least of their problems? True or False.

NHL free agency and our national holiday come around at the same time every year because, really, that’s what we’re all about anyway, arguing over the market value of Canadian (and others) hockey players? T or F

Canadians are just Americans with a better health plan and less automatic weapons? T or F

Canucks are friendly to our Yankee visitors unless the topic turns to our medical system and then we self-righteously and mercilessly taunt our southern neighbours about their inadequate healthcare, even though we’re quick to criticize ours for long wait lists and lack of doctors and….? T or F

We continue to fight over, and change, the words to our national anthem even though many of us just mouth the words at sporting events so why don’t we just change it to Snowbird and get it over with already? T or F

Iceland beating England in soccer gives us hope we may again move up the ranks in the beautiful game, then again everybody’s beating up on Great Britain these days so maybe not? T or F

The Canadian Football League is a national treasure or just a way to get through the summer until the National Football League begins? Or both? T or F

Las Vegas getting a hockey team over Quebec City is wrong on so many levels that you start to wonder if pro sports is just about making money, and to hell with hockey traditions and loyalties and a real fan base and..? T or F

Still, if one happens to be in Vegas during hockey season and one isn’t into Celine Dion, why not? T or F

Do you ever find it curious how the Americans never change their currency while us Canucks change the dollar bill into a loonie and the two-dollar bill into a toonie and basically put it out to a vote on who should grace the other bills with not so much as a public whimper? T or F

Maybe we trust our government a little more? T or F

Or maybe it’s why we never had a revolution and just kind of accept everything that’s put on our plate, like plastic, psychedelic bills and coinage that changes to commemorate pretty much anything that’s remotely deemed Canadiana? T or F

Is it odd that the Toronto Blue Jays are rapidly becoming Canada’s team, even though there’s only two Canucks on the roster? T or F

Now that we have a young, hip and good looking couple representing us on the world stage does that give the rest of us Canadians the same qualities? Pretty please? T or F

We often tease Americans for their somewhat over-the-top love of waving the flag but secretly we’re pretty into it too? T or F

Why did we switch from stubby beer bottles to the longneck American ones a few decades ago if we don’t have issues with being wannabe-Americans? T or F

Isn’t it so that Canadian actors and singers are only considered successful when they make it in the States? T or F

Even though we are the current Olympic gold medallists in men’s hockey will we feel like failures once again if we fail to win the upcoming World Cup of Hockey in September? T or F

Maybe the metric thing was a mistake after all, golf and football and the U.S. will never change, and maybe, like England and the EU, we should have a vote on NAFTA and maybe go it alone and maybe we should…..ah, get over yourself and just be thankful you’re Canadian? T or F