No tax increase

Resident upset with the actions of Lake Country's mayor and council

The District of Lake Country and Mayor Baker must think we are all stupid.

For Baker to come out and pat himself and the rest of council on the back for keeping taxes to zero per cent, I find it totally deplorable and insulting.

What they have actually done is increase the taxes on the lower cost housing (mobile homes) by up to 40 per cent in some cases because of the parcel tax of $125 for road improvements.

This tax will go on each year for the next 20 years and will in fact go up as the years go by. This is a very unfair tax and what they should have done instead is increased taxes for everyone by two to three per cent and used this money for road improvements.

Of course they don’t mention that assessments on most Lake Country properties have gone up, and in some cases by more than $100,000.

This will mean some will be faced with a big increase in tax on their property. Also no mention on how we will be paying the $2.5 million they borrowed to buy the CN rail corridor.

Its time for a new mayor and council and I can’t wait to turf this group come next election time.

Ron Volk

Lake Country