Noisy aircraft

Resident frustrated with plane constantly circling city

In response to a nicely written letter from Donna Rushton regarding aircraft noise, please note, dear reader, she does not complain about helicopters on emergency missions during the wee hours, nor even general air traffic over her home which happens to be on a runway flight path. Her gripe appears to be with one specific, small, noisy aircraft.

This brings me to my reason for jumping in. I have often experienced the same annoying disturbance and I live near Harwood school, well away from the airport.  My gripe is with a small, noisy aircraft that appears to just fly around over the city at a relatively low altitude.  Usually, aircraft noise is short in duration, so you simply ignore it until it has gone away, but this thing seems to just sit up there and snarl forever. And when it finally begins to move away, it turns and comes back. Hundreds of other city home owners must be sharing my experience.

Being an old hang glider pilot, I know the feeling of flying with a minimum of machinery and can understand why someone would enjoy doing what I see this guy doing. But please buddy, keep off of the city.

Al Johnson