Not getting our money’s worth

Resident frustrated with MLAs and their handling of money and the environment

Why are we tolerating our MLAs costing the taxpayer almost four times the average wage of their constituency? Why are we tolerating the cost financially and environmentally to having our MLAs sit in Victoria when in reality, this is not acceptable in today’s world?

Most of our governments are trying to ban the oil sands and pipelines yet they all want to travel to important environmental summits and meetings via vehicles that utilize and consume those very fossil fuels they don’t like. They like the taxes generated and the handouts from lobby groups, and yet still believe we have a democracy.

Our provincial government spends millions of our dollars, and leaves a large carbon footprint attending world environmental functions promoting our sensitive environment and the value of carbon taxes.

Well isn’t that somewhat hypocritical to action and spend this way when our government in Victoria continues to flush raw sewage into the ocean and has done for many years.

The carbon footprint left behind by having all of our MLAs travel to Victoria seems somewhat contradictory to the words being said as well. What about the extra cost to the taxpayer by having all the carbon taxes applied to all this travel?

The sob story that we need to pay these high wages to get the best people into our governments, that “we” have to leave our families to go to work, are all just stories to justify their right of entitlement and privilege.

In Eric Foster’s case, did his government provide tax relief for all of the people in his constituency that had to leave their families to go to work in other provinces to find good paying jobs or did his government reap the tax rewards of having other provinces provide quality, high paying jobs to our residents?

Or does the, “I have to leave my family to go work,” only apply to our MLAs and the taxpayer’s nickel?

If I am not mistaken, the job description for an MLA includes time in Victoria  and on the road. So if you apply for the job, don’t tell me you need more pay because you have to travel. Leave it to someone that wants the job and wants to work for their constituents.

I don’t believe that paying somebody these wages so they have to say, ‘Yes Boss,” all of the time is in our best interest. Myself, my children, my grandchildren and almost anyone else can spend us into $60 billion of debt at a fraction of the cost of today’s government.

The real money is in saving our province, our household debt, our environment and providing a comforting, safe, affordable province to live in.

Based on a B.C. government website, population projections have B.C. at roughly 4.5 million residents.  If you take that 4.5 million and divide it into $60 billion, then you will see that your household debt has just raised by another $13,333 per B.C. resident or $66,666 for a family of five.

Add to that your personal stake in Canada’s debt ( of $17,502 and you now have a personal debt of $30,835.70 per person or $154,178.51 in family debt for a family of five.

Now add that on top of your mortgage, car loan, and student loan etc. Oh, but our leaders are worried that our household debt is too high.

It is time to stop the legacy of debt and work to free the people of it.  It is time to stop rewarding those that pride themselves on right of privilege and right of entitlement.

It is time to reboot all levels of government and I don’t mean a soft reboot.

Donald Craig