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Okanagan Humane Society: Keeping pets and people together

Column from the Okanagan Humane Society
Kittens Luna and Solei in care of OHS

Founded in 1995, the Okanagan Humane Society’s (OHS) mandate began with the need for an extensive Spay and Neuter Program in the Okanagan.

There were a plethora of feral cat and kitten colonies throughout the Okanagan Valley and to help control this overpopulation, the solution was to ensure as many animals as possible were spayed and neutered.

The overpopulation of particularly cats and kittens was of grave concern as these poor animals were sure to succumb to an untimely and likely tragic ending. Life on the streets for these animals is tough as they try to find a food source, water, and shelter all while trying to survive frigid temperatures and evade predators.

OHS has contributed greatly to the reduction of the feral colonies and overpopulation by spaying and neutering more than 23,000 animals!

Today, this volunteer run organization serves more than 1100 animals each year through a network of veterinarian partners and a host of volunteer foster homes.

Their Spay and Neuter (Pet Assistance Program) extends to pet owners who may face financial barriers to accessing this service.

OHS understands that the solution to pet overpopulation is to Spay and Neuter as many animals as possible so for those that may not have access, they ensure there is access.

Did you know that one unspayed cat can lead to thousands of unwanted feral kittens.

As we celebrate International Spay/Neuter Day on February 22, OHS is encouraging everyone to ensure their animals are spayed or neutered to help save lives end suffering.

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