Pay it forward

Resident thrilled that someone turned in her purse

I would like to say a big thank you to the woman at the Village Green Centre food court who turned in my purse.

On March 9, my husband and I stopped at the mall food court for a bite to eat at noon. I had brought in my water bottle, jacket and purse.

After eating, I grabbed my coat, put it on, then took my water bottle and away we went.

We were almost home when I realized I had left my purse behind.

My husband quickly turned the car around and headed back to the food court.

Once there, I realized my purse was no longer on the bench.

I went to talk to the lovely women who make it their job to make sure the tables are always decluttered and clean.

Sure enough, they had my purse.

So to you Mrs. “So kind and thoughtful,” thank you so much.

You are an angel and I wish you only the best.

Kind deeds and actions will come back to you.

God bless you.