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Poetic appreciation for Vernon healthcare

LETTER: Resident rhymes recent experience

One day I woke up really in pain

didn’t know what to do, was I insane

I called an ambulance to take me away

Thankful for a great crew to this day.

Firemen first shovelled snow to the door

so ambulance crew could get to the floor

They came into house said “no worry”

Checked me out quick and off in a hurry

To Vernon Jubilee trauma in a dash

In the hospital treatment in a flash

I was poked and prodded everywhere

to find out why the pain was still there.

They sent me to a room upstairs

so they could find my innards affairs.

They managed to get pain under control

doctors, nurses and staff achieved the goal.

So grateful for the professional team.

Four days and get to go home, a real dream.

Thanks everyone.

Keep going sixth floor student nurse Jack.

Steven Pinchin

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Jennifer Smith

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