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Prickly problem in North Okanagan

LETTER: Scotch thistle growing and spreading in our region
Scotch Thistle. (Washington State Noxious Weed Control board)

This letter is directed to local and regional government elected officials and some property owners in the North Okanagan.

My concern is with the amount of Scotch thistle growing and spreading in our region.

This is a serious invasive plant and it should be controlled more effectively.

One drought-resistant and hardy plant can produce thousands of seeds that can germinate over a period of years.

Each spring and early summer it can be seen along roadsides, in parks and grasslands, in pastures along Commonage Road or, as I noticed today, a single, tall and sturdy plant growing beside Middleton Way just before entering Coldstream.

I went back and removed it.

There are many invasives but this one is particularly bad and local and regional governments should be more proactive in trying to eradicate it.

Rod Drennan

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