Project offered

Resident provides his thoughts on the Stickle Road issue

Having read the letter Sept. 4 from Gerry Naito regarding his support of the government stance on Stickle Road, I’d like to offer him a project.

Let’s see if he can lobby successfully for the removal of the traffic light at Highway 6 and Aberdeen Road.

It seems logical.

If the highly dangerous intersection at Stickle doesn’t need a traffic light, then in the interests of speed and efficiency, let’s remove the one at Aberdeen.

The basic reason the government and all of its minions are saying no to a light at Stickle is because some kingpin bureaucrat has changed.

You know the kind — too many years in school, salary higher than the prime minister, able to quote statistics from every point in Europe and quite willing to press his own opinions on every member of the unwashed population.

Get him canned and the will of the people will begin to shine through again.

Patrick Heglund