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Rain leaves Vernon reservoir concerns

LETTER: Assessment requested at McMechan Reservoir following November rain

To Mayor Cumming:

In mid-November, the McMechan Reservoir was approximately half-filled. The base has the original clay lining.

The asphalt that lined the sloping sides of the reservoir has been removed.

Precipitation can only be dispersed by evaporation, and seepage into the base of the fill that forms the new sloping sides, there being no runoff.

The dugout, that lies in the northwest corner, between the remaining unfilled part of the reservoir, uplands and 43rd Avenue, has no lining at all.

Precipitation is dispersed by evaporation and seepage only, there being no runoff.

The amount of rain that fell in the first two weeks of November is equal to the average for the whole month over previous years.

It is very likely future grading and drainage plans for the dispersal of storm water will have to account for volumes of precipitation greater than previously recorded.

I respectfully request that the city initiate a geotechnical assessment to establish the risk to neighboring properties caused by precipitation on the partially developed McMechan Reservoir site.

Barry Stanley

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