Show some compassion

Letter writer provides some thoughts on the homeless and the community response

I have seen the papers indicating the city is and has been removing the camps and homes of the homeless people in the community.

I also have recently seen that in Kelowna, it is illegal to be sleeping in the streets so people will be arrested for not having a place to sleep.

Beyond the ridiculous and malignant nature of such a move, as we recently celebrated International Human Rights Day, I add my voice to the many thousands of Canadians who have faced not having a proper home.

The inhumane manner in which we treat these people is a symptom of the condition of classic capitalism.

At the coldest time of the year, these people are driving their entire possessions in carts, clearly a sign of the lack of caring and insight of the city, province and country.

Look, not all of them are drug addicts, although many may be.

We need to develop a new attitude. People are the most important resource of any country. My strong suggestion is that someone open up an old warehouse and put some hot plates and cots in there for the ones who are not drug addicts. And for the ones who are — who want to be rehabilitated — they should be sent to a place where they can get help. And for the ones who do not want to be rehabilitated, they can go to jail where at least they will be warm and fed.

The shelters are not enough. We have to treat others as we want to be treated in order for our society to function properly.

Who out there in the business community has the space to accomplish this?

Who out there can find some cots and hot plates? The answer is, the reward of seeing a depressed and lost individual evolve into an constructive citizen is worth the effort and something they would never forget.

I’m not just talking through my nose. Everybody matters.

Suzzannee Chappelle