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Snow melt reveals Vernon’s garbage

LETTER: Resident urges others to do their part with spring cleaning
Spring snowmelt reveals garbage around town. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

It’s that time of year again when the snow starts disappearing and the garbage starts reappearing!

I went for a walk recently – picking up garbage all the way to the library and back!

You would not believe how much I collected. Just imagine how much cleaner and safer our streets would be if more people got involved.

My idea would be for the city to start a contest called Clean Up Our Neighbourhood. City employees could pass out ballots to anyone spotted picking up garbage. Then, have a draw once a week with prizes like a free bus pass for a month, free parking downtown for a month, tickets to shows, etc.

I have this to say to the people who litter: Stop it! The world is not your garbage can or ashtray!

You are uncaring, disgusting and should be fined $500 for the litter you are leaving.

I got my exercise that day and the streets look a little bit better.

What are your thoughts?

Joan Zimmer

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