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Stay Curious: There is magic in change

Vernon columnist on embracing the seasons and cycles in life

Carrie O’Neill

Special to the Morning Star

Transformation and change are both a part of life and nature. Our seasons constantly remind us that change occurs naturally; therefore, embrace what is and let go of what was. There is magic, miracles and opportunities that await you.

Often it is the most difficult seasons that provide us with the most valuable lessons. What season are you currently in? What lesson is being presented to you? What if what you are experiencing right now is happening for you and not to you?

What if the valley of uncertainty and pain is actually the pathway to a garden of possibilities?

I have not always embraced change in my life, or the fact that change needed to occur in my life. Staying in unhealthy situations far too long because I was afraid of what might be, (change) is just one example. I know for me, in those times, I was fighting everything and everyone, including myself. It was only when I let go, and allowed myself to feel the discomfort of letting go, that I experienced a miracle: A shift in my thinking from what I might have done in the past or should be doing in the future, to what I feel free to do right here, right now.

“The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment,” a beautiful quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.

On this day, I will listen carefully, inwardly, and a pathway will open up daring me to place one foot in front of the other and embrace what is in front of me.

When changes occur, we are faced with many options — to fight it like the leaves holding onto the trees, or to let go and see where the changes take us like the leaves blowing gently and peacefully in the wind. The better able we are to accept change as a part of life, embrace the transition and be grateful for the experiences and lessons that we had or will have, the more freeing and enjoyable these changes will be.

One of my favorites ways to embrace change and transitions is by expressing gratitude. Find friends, family, or loved ones you can each share what you are grateful for with. Share your gratitude for each other, or just in general.

Another great activity is to find someone your senior who you look up to or admire and ask what their life changes have been and what those changes have taught them, or have each person share one change they’ve experienced in the last year and what they’ve gained from this change.

Remember, life is full of change; embrace them, be grateful for them, and enjoy the new season of life.

Carrie O’Neill is a spiritual being having a human experience. She is a woman who desires to empower, encourage and support individuals to live their best lives.

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