Support for plan

Resident endorses proposal for Stickle Road and Highway 97

I have to say that I support the Ministry of Transportation’s plan for no left turns at Stickle Road.

It has been probably over five years since I turned left there.

I take a few extra minutes and take Pleasant Valley Road and 48th Avenue because it’s just not worth the stress to try and get on the highway there.

Stop lights and lower traffic speeds are not the solution. Raising speed limits seems to be the norm for B.C. these days, not lowering them.

And if the speed limit was dropped, people wouldn’t slow down.

Does the 50 kilometre limit on 32nd or 27th streets stop people from speeding? The speed limit on the Coquihalla is now 120 kilometres an hour and when I went through a radar trap at 140, the officer singled me out with a thumbs down to slow down as I guess he was waiting to tag someone going 30 over!

So really, what is the true speed limit?

As for Coun. Scott Anderson’s comment about the bump on the overpass and the lights staggering traffic, they have no bearing on each other as the bump is more than a kilometre from the intersection. As a society, we complain about change and then when it happens, we adjust.

This is no different.

Jeff McSweeney