Tronson tribulations

Resident concerned about special events and the impact on neighbourhoods

And so it begins. Yet another season of walks, runs and triathlons on Tronson Road, where residents have to plan their exits and entries to and from their properties because the road is taken up with participants using this street.

While we can appreciate the causes for these activities, we just get fed up with it always being on this stretch of road, especially from the corner of Okanagan Landing Road to Kin Beach.

The latest notification kindly advised us to use Scott Road (not a good solution as it exits on to Tronson on both ends), parking our vehicles on a road not subject to closures (Scott Road was suggested but is subject to on both ends), and a host of other suggestions, none of which are logical, especially for a number of people who live on this stretch of road who are elderly and have mobility issues.

Why don’t these organizers take their marathons up to the oval at the college and run around the track there? Or, hold them at Kin Race Track as God knows, the horses aren’t using it. Go up to the Commonage Road or some other less inhabited area. Tronson Road is a busy thoroughfare, which many people need to use every hour of every day.

We, who live along Tronson Road are weary of having to contend with these frequent runners and walkers. Pick another, less used road or venue. Give us a break.


Penny S. Coon