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Vernon breaks mother’s heart by removing cemetery tribute for son

Special stand dismantled despite previous confirmation it would be OK to stay

The City of Vernon has broken my heart again.

In 2017 my heart was broken as I buried my son. My daughter and her husband wanted to do a last tribute to her brother, what we considered a monument, so I called the city and talked to the person in charge of the cemetery.

They referred me to the groundskeepers.

We asked the about creating a special flower holder, as that’s what we could afford and what would represent what he loved to do.

We created the stand according to their specifications and they approved it. We placed it at his graveside at the end of August 2017.

When the changes were being enforced this year, I called and talked with Kendra. Unfortunately it was only verbal. She told me the stand would be fine and that anything before 2018 was going to be allowed.

They dismantled our stand and when I phoned they said they would follow up with Kendra.

I heard nothing so I sent an email to the mayor.

There was nothing dangerous to anyone and was made to their specifications and approval.

I recently received an email from the city stating it wasn’t a monument so isn’t allowed.

I’ve asked that it be brought before council but no response.

Cory Taylor

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Jennifer Smith

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