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Wild Sky Sisters: Pisces Season, where do you transcend?

Wild Sky Sisters is a joint venture between Angela Moffitt and Tamara McLellan

Cosmic Unconditional Love

Pisces season is from Feb 18 - March 20, 2022

We are moving from Yang energy - Aquarius - Fixed Air into Mutable Water - Pisces. The changeable time from Winter to Spring.

Pisces energy is ethereal, transcendent and mystical. Being the elder of the zodiac, this is a sign that integrates all of the other sign energies. This is where we rest after doing all of the work of the zodiac. It’s where we simply BE what we’ve learned. And most of all, this is where we let go. Forgiveness, grief, love, fear - they live here. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to forgive and move forward - this is your season. Incredible healing can happen now.

Pisces is the ethereal sense that we have reached the point of boundary dissolution and we can now see the entire picture ‘the forest for the trees’. We rest back into what really matters: healing, forgiveness and the highest love. We glimpse into the divine, the subconscious and completely surrender.

Pisces energy is at times hard to pin down. It’s elusive, like the mist of the ocean. Represented by Mutable Water, it’s shapeshifting and flowing. When the Moon is in Pisces - or any other planet - it’s a good time to forgive, let go and move on. “Feel it to heal it” but unlike the other water signs, Pisces doesn’t get stuck. This energy lets it go and moves to a new source.

The shadow side of Pisces can be messy or confusing. At times you might feel like you don’t truly know a Pisces because they’re such a beautiful mirror of everything around them. You might be feeling very confused at the moment because information is contradictory. But the power lies in the healing that can come from seeing we are truly all one. Pisces people are wayshowers. Their energy is one of rising above the details (Virgo) to see the big picture. They can lead us to the divine.

Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, this is the energy of expansion and illusion. Being that it’s a receptive yin energy - and the most feminine sign of the zodiac - there’s a romantic feeling in the air here. Think of the most prophetic poet speaking their words in the town square with the breeze from the Mediterranean floating through the air. Where Pisces shows up in your chart is where you want to transcend the daily realities of life for a higher meaning.

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Sending you Wild Sky love,

Ang + Tamara

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