Wrong decision

Resident concerned that a court ruling could impact the speedway

I just wanted to comment on what is happening to our Spallumcheen speedway.

I think the courts made a huge mistake even letting this lawsuit go to court. The municipality allowed the race track to be built and the person that owns it has invested a substantial amount of money to run this business. Now that could be in jeopardy.

So what ends up happening there will probably be more lawsuits and eventually it will put these people out of business and gone will be our race track.

It is not like they run races every day. It is a great way for a family to spend an evening, and I think the few times in the summer that there is noise, people should be able to put up with it.  No one should be able to take someone’s livelihood away.

As far as sales being down at Lawrence Heights, sales are down every where because of our economy and I don’t think the race track is what is affecting it.

Are we becoming like the U.S. where we sue for everything?  It is a very sad day when a few can ruin things for all.


Carmen Bunnah