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PODCAST: Best Builders - Zero Carbon Home

TODAY IN BC and HAVAN’s podcast ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’

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In This Episode: More than a construction project, Best Builders, working with a skilled team to rebuild Phoenix House from a devastating fire, strive to be a model of innovation incorporating cutting-edge materials following a meticulously crafted blueprint for what will be the first Zero Carbon home built in Canada.

‘Where can I find savings for my client? And when Elizabeth first came to me and said, you know, if we do a carbon neutral home, you don’t have to tear up the foundation. And I’m thinking, I just saved them $200,000.’ Todd Best, Best Builders

‘‘You begin to realize you hire smart people so they can tell you what to do and not so you can tell them what to do. … We didn’t want a fancier house. We wanted a better house. A higher quality home. I didn’t need a media room and I don’t need a swimming pool. I just want a house… that’s not going to blow down in 80 years. We’re getting the best out of everybody because everyone’s invested in it, because we’re allowing them to do what they do best. The one thing I would leave everybody with is build a team before you build a house.’ Homeowner, Phoenix House

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