Hoop referees Pat Clemens

Hoop referees Pat Clemens

Hoop referees required

Referees are required for the upcoming high school hoops season.

Morning Star Staff

Referees are required for the upcoming high school hoops season.

If you are a quick thinker, possess patience and have a little bit of thick skin, then Jim Inglis of the Vernon Basketball Officials Association wants to hear from you.

“Die to many factors, our numbers have dwindled,” said Inglis, who coached senior girls at Fulton for decades before retiring a few years ago.

“Work has affected some partially and others have had to move from town and these were some of our senior and up and coming best officials, Injuries and age have brought on reduced schedules and retirement and we have several, like myself at 65, who are now on a year-by-year basis even while taking on a reduced workload.”

Here is what people need to have and know to get involved.

n An interest in the game (previous knowledge and playing experience and asset but totally unnecessary.

n Previous officiating in another sport likewise an asset but not required at all.

The association offers the following assistance:

n Training and instruction with experieced mentors to help you break in at low-pressure game levels.

n No definite committment to work every week although regular assignments are an expectation.

n Game pay depending on the level of game officiated

n A learning program that does not hurry you beyond what you are ready to attempt.

n Preseason education sessions mid October to mid November


Contact Jim Inglis @ jr21maroon@gmail.com  or phone (250) 545-3629 evenings or contact any Vernon Basketball Official you might already know.