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Pickleball scores new court in Coldstream’s old lacrosse box, new playgrounds added

An estimated $100,000 will be used to renovate the lacrosse box which hasn’t been used since 2018

A new pickleball court and new playgrounds are moving into Coldstream.

The lacrosse box at Creekside Park is getting a $100,300 upgrade to turn it into a pickleball court.

Back in 2021, an application to council was submitted to move pickleball courts to Creekside, after complaints that the courts at Middleton Mountain were too noisy.

A sound test was then done on Sept 12, 2022, in an effort to compare noises at Middleton Mountain and Creekside. The results showed that noises at Middleton exceeded district bylaw rules, and that the movement of courts to Creekside (where residential units are further away) would be encouraged.

The lacrosse box at Creekside was suggested as an alternative to Middleton Mountain for the courts, however, its dilapidated state would necessitate the need for repairs.

The minor league lacrosse team has been unable to play there since 2018 due to poor conditions of the surface.

With the new planned upgrades, temporary pickleball nets will be used, giving freedom for other sports to be played on the (soon-to-be) refurbished courts.

Cost of the refurbishment is: $85,000 for resurfacing, $5,300 for line painting and $10,000 for new lighting and player benches.

Further information on installation and construction dates will be released later on this year.

Coldstream has also approved spending approximately $55,000 to replace playground equipment at the Lavington and Coldstream parks.

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