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Ducknana? Banaduck? London Drugs sells quacky deal and takes internet by storm

The strange sculpture is taking B.C. by storm
The ‘majestic’ banaduck sits calmly, unaware of the shopping frenzy it has unleashed (photo credit: @whit3lighter/Twitter)

It’s not often statues capture the imagination of civilizations, and B.C. has gone duck-wild over an appealing new duck-banana statue spotted in a retail pharmacy chain.

The mysterious statue, dubbed by social media users as ducknana, is flying off the shelves of London Drugs, while taking the internet by storm.

Excited shoppers have taken to Twitter to share photos of the quacky figure.

The statue comes in three sizes: 20 inches, eight inches or the largest size of three feet. It’s priced up to $200, though many are listed as 60 per cent off.

What inspired the statue? Where did it come from? The cold, black eyes of the banaduck reveal no secrets. Perhaps, the beauty is in the mystery.

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