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Mini adventures count: Kelowna TikTok creator wants people to be active outdoors

He wants people to enjoy the outdoors in the Okanagan, in all seasons
(Noah Redka/Submitted)

A casual runner and full time silly goofy guy is influencing people in Kelowna to stay active through the winter.

Noah Redka is the guy behind and in-front of the camera on TikTok account @nrmlno, where he gives people the tools to have fun outdoors.

“My motivation is to enable adventure of all types in any capacity, no matter the conditions,” said Redka.

He shoots vlog style videos that show how he finds balance between full time employment and staying active.

In some of the videos Redka explains the logistics of preparing for winter activities, in others he goes on a run through downtown Kelowna, and in most he ends with a trip to Bright Jenny for a coffee.

@nrmlno Happy Sunday! Let’s go #outside and move around. XC #skiing for the first time ever. #vlog #fyp #grwm #fitcheck #climbing #xcskiing #ick #cardio #granola #outdoors #granolacheck #patagonia #arcteryx #gorp #cycling ♬ 𝘠𝘚𝘓 - June Freedom & Elji Beatzkilla

“It shouldn’t be serious, it shouldn’t be too hard, it should be fun and make you feel good.”

Lace up, put lights on your bike and get outdoors, you may see Redka cruising around the streets.


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