(Vernon ADHD Task Force - Facebook photo)

(Vernon ADHD Task Force - Facebook photo)

Vernon ADHD workshop shows youths’ experience through art

Vernon ADHD Task Force is holding a final workshop Thursday, Aug. 22 at the Vernon Art Gallery

The Vernon ADHD Task Force is offering the chance for youth aged nine to 14 to show their experience with ADHD with a free workshop at the Vernon Art Gallery.

Genius in Chaos: the Lived Experience of ADHD will feature art submitted by people who are living with ADHD or have a loved one living with ADHD on Thursday, Aug. 22 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The event aims to explore the challenges related to ADHD while building on participants’ strengths, and creating a space for artistic expression.

Since Aug. 17 the Task Force has run Genius for Chaos workshops for teenagers 15 years and older, while the final workshop on Aug. 22 is geared towards younger ages. Participants are encouraged to submit pieces to the art gallery show, and even those who are unable to attend the workshop are invited to submit their work.

To register for Thursday’s free workshop, contact Shelly Chvala at shellychvala@noyfss.org.

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