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Greater Vernon Water reservoir levels normal

GVW issued supply update at its storage reservoirs Thursday, June 9
Water levels in the Duteau Creek storage reservoirs are currently at normal, according to a Greater Vernon Water water supply update Thursday, June 9. (RDNO photo)

Based on present water levels in the Duteau Creek storage reservoirs (Aberdeen, Grizzly, Haddo), customer use, and the weather, Greater Vernon Water’s water supplies are considered normal.

GVW monitors water levels in its reservoirs year-round, but early spring is of particular note to the water utility as this time of year determines the water supply over summer, which is the high water-use period.

Aberdeen, Grizzly and Haddo reservoirs are now spilling. King Edward reservoir, one that provides storage for the non-potable supply, started to spill in mid-May and continues to spill.

“Based on the level of snow present in the upper watershed, the predicted rains and cooler weather, it is expected that the water supply will remain normal for the next few weeks,” said GVW in a release.

If typical June rains occur, customer demands remain lower and the reservoir spills are maintained into mid-to late-June, it is likely normal conditions will be maintained; however, as the weather is unpredictable, staff will continue to closely monitor conditions and provide communication on the water supply at the beginning of July or sooner if required.

Greater Vernon Water uses the Water Shortage Management Plan (WSMP) to guide decisions about GVW water management. Staff monitor four triggers to assess the water supply and drought conditions:

• Reservoir Levels (water storage) – Aberdeen, Grizzly, Haddo and King Edward reservoirs are currently spilling.

• Kalamalka Lake water level is close to the provincial management goals and above the 1964 to 2021 average.

• Current Moisture Conditions – due to the cool weather conditions, there is still some snow in the upper watershed. April precipitation was below average but May has been normal with acceptable precipitation.

• Forecast Weather Conditions – expected to be cool with some precipitation in the next week.

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